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Holiday Wishes

As the holidays rapidly approach put aside the divorce case and concentrate on your family. Now is the time to do your best so that both parents and children enjoy the holidays with each other. Make ...
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Is It A Good Deal FOR YOU

All too often when a case is close to settlement one side hesitates. This is normal and common. How the re-analysis is made can make the difference whether the settlement proposal works or fails. ...
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Everybody Has A Cell Phone

Since everybody has a cell phone, nearly everybody has become an amateur videographer and recording engineer. If you are going through a divorce always be aware how easy it is for your spouse or ...
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Making The Holidays Less Stressful

If you are in the middle of your contested divorce and have not worked out a schedule for your children for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the holiday school recess, New Year's Eve and New ...
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What Is The Interest Rate On Judgments

An unpaid judgment accrues interest at the rate of 9% in New York. This applies to unpaid child support and maintenance as well as equitable distribution awards. Recently, the ex-husband of a new ...
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I Was Served With A Divorce Summons What Should I Do

One of the most frightening things that can happen to a married person is to be served with a Divorce Summons. Nobody wants a stranger coming to their home and handing them legal papers. Reading the ...
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Paying Attention To Your Judge

I am always amazed how many clients will "listen" to what the judge is saying but not necessarily "hear" or "process" what the judge is telling them during a divorce ...
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Is Enhanced Earning Capacity Dead In New York Divorce Cases?

For many years NY was the only state left in the country that valued and equitably distributed in divorce cases enhanced earning capacity ("EEC"). In concept the idea was that if a spouse ...
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Sweeping Divorce Maintenance Law Changes To Arrive in October

Governor Cuomo signed legislation that will change how temporary maintenance is calculated and will also for the first time provide a formula for the calculation of post-divorce maintenance. Key dates ...
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Orders Of Protection Must Be Obeyed

Recently I have met with people that have been accused of violating valid Orders of Protection. Both persons were arrested and charged criminally with Criminal Contempt. Orders of Protection are ...
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Reminders To Include In Custody Agreements

So your case is being settled and the joint custody agreement is being prepared. Here are a few items to consider placing in the Stipulation. It is impossible to list every possible scenario that ...
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Ending Divorce Maintenance Due To Cohabitation

People get divorced and sometimes one person has to pay spousal support (maintenance) to the other spouse for a specified period of time in a specified amount so long as the recipient is unmarried. ...
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Why Delaying A Divorce May Not Be A Good Idea

If you know that your marriage is truly over, delaying obtaining a divorce may not be a good idea. Obviously, each person's situation is unique but there are some reasons why waiting to legally ...
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The Divorce Courts Can't Fix Everything

I recently read a Divorce Custody decision in which there was an overabundance of proof that the Mother had grossly and maliciously interfered with the children's affections for their Father. ...
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Same-Sex Couples Receive Right to Marry in All 50 States

When something as monumental as the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage occurs, it only makes sense that the public response will be equally epic. June 26, 2015 marked a historic day for the ...
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Are Celebrity Divorces Different

Every week the tabloids are filled with stories about which celebrities are getting divorced. Or perhaps there is a story about which celebrity is not being allowed to see the children or how much ...
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Should I File For A Divorce

Yesterday a client who has for the past two years been on and off with his wife while at the same time negotiating their divorce settlement asked me this question. While I can't say I am surprised ...
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Child Support Modification: Be Careful What You Wish For

Today I represented the mother of four children one of whom was now 21 and no longer eligible for child support. The father filed in Family Court a petition for emancipation of the oldest child and ...
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Who Keeps The Engagement Ring

In New York, if the marriage does not take place the person who gave the ring is entitled to have it returned. If the marriage has occurred then the ring is the property of the person who received it. ...
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Do I Need A Lawyer If We Use A Divorce Mediator

Most clients even if they mediate their divorce will benefit from having their own private attorney review the proposed agreement and suggest modifications. The quality of divorce mediators is very ...
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What Are Your Post-Divorce Goals

You have decided to divorce or are in the middle of your divorce. Have you thought about your long term goals? Have you decided which issues are the most important to you? A true reflection on your ...
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What Happens When An Order To Show Cause Is Filed With The Court

Very often in divorce cases one spouse will file a request for temporary child support, spousal support, custody, exclusive use and occupancy of the house, exclusive use of a car, payment of house ...
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How To Choose Your Divorce Attorney

Recommendations, Reviews, Research & Consultation are the major factors in selecting the right attorney for your divorce. You may not have all four but a combination of these factors will help you ...
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How Is College Paid For After Divorce

Parents get divorced and years later they are faced with paying for college. Which expenses are included, which items are parents responsible to pay and what credits are available. Recently I have ...
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Child Support On Combined Income Over $141,000

If you earn or have combined parental income over $141,000 (the statutory "cap") almost universally the courts will impose an obligation to pay child support on income over that amount. ...
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