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Do I Need A Lawyer In Family Court

It is just Family Court some people will say, why do I need a lawyer? Well if you know Family Court Procedure, if you have followed all of the rules, if the other side is absolutely 100% wrong and if ...
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Fighting Against Parental Alienation

One of the worst types of divorce are the ones in which parental alienation occurs. The courts have held that a parent who alienates a child from the other parent or deliberately interferes with the ...
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Cheepo Divorce: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Like most things in life you receive what you pay for. I will not say that hiring the most expensive lawyer gives you the best divorce, nor will I say that hiring an inexpensive lawyer for a contested ...
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Should I Follow My Divorce Lawyer's Advice

That is a big question and there is no perfect answer. However, there is a good answer. Hopefully you have selected an experienced divorce lawyer who knows the law, practices in the courthouse ...
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What Are Your Options When You Get A Court Order You Don't Like

It may happen in your contested divorce case that the Judge issues an Order that not only do you not like you disagree with. What can you do? What are your options? What should you consider? Often in ...
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Why You Need An Experienced Divorce Attorney

If you wouldn't due your own surgery you surely shouldn't try to do your own divorce. Hiring an attorney to guide you through one of life's most difficult moments makes sense but hiring an ...
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Summer Vacation Planing During A Divorce

Ideally parents will agree on how to share the summer recess time with their children even if they are in the middle of a contested divorce. However, experience shows that sometimes lawyers have to ...
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Preparing For Your 4-Way Divorce Settlement Conference

Some clients are looking forward to the 4-way divorce settlement conference while others can't stand the thought of being in the same room as their ex-to-be or the attorney of their soon to be ex. ...
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To Settle Or Not: That Is The Divorce Question

Any good matrimonial attorney will always encourage a client to settle their contested divorce case if the terms are great. Clients should also be encouraged to settle their case if the terms are ...
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Should I Move Out Of My House During My Divorce

Many men going through a contested divorce will ask me should they move out because they can't stand living in the same house. Usually my advice is that they should hang in there as long as there ...
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Social Media & Your Divorce

People going through a contested divorce, child support case or custody case must be much more aware of their social media posts and the posts of their friends in which they are tagged. Facebook, ...
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How Drug Abuse Allegations Can Affect Child Custody

In a contested custody case, the Supreme or Family Court will only grant child custody to parents that are deemed capable of providing a safe, and reasonably appropriate living environment for their ...
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Drug & Alcohol Testing And Affect On Parenting Time

Often during a contested custody or parenting time case or as a result of one parent accusing the other of drug abuse and/or alcohol abuse I will be asked to have the Court test the other person. The ...
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Divorce At This Time Of Year

As a divorce lawyer and custody attorney I meet people at some of the most difficult times of their lives. The emotions are raging, the anxiety is high and the uncertainty of cost, duration and ...
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Child Custody and Differences in Location

For divorcing parents, issues of child custody can be central points of contention, with disputes often heading into the courtroom. When taken before a judge, custody will be determined based on a ...
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Basic NY Child Support Refresher

Child support is usually paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. While there are many exceptions and reasons to deviate from the basics because of higher income or shared and equal ...
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Summer Fun WIth Your Children

We are in the middle of the summer on Long Island and there is still plenty of time to do some fun things with your children. Don't let your divorce prevent you from going away or having a ...
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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the men who love their children more than anything else and are great parents, The role model that you are for your children and the life lessons you share with them ...
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Is One Parent "Better" Than The Other Parent?

I suppose in some cases the answer to the question is very easy, however in most custody cases perhaps not quite so fast and easy. Obviously, the drug addicted, or incarcerated, or non-visiting ...
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What Not To Do During Custody Forensics

During many custody disputes, the court will order the parties to be evaluated by a neutral psychologist who will then write an advisory report to the court based upon the information learned during ...
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Making The Holidays Less Stressful

If you are in the middle of your contested divorce and have not worked out a schedule for your children for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the holiday school recess, New Year's Eve and New ...
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I Was Served With A Divorce Summons What Should I Do

One of the most frightening things that can happen to a married person is to be served with a Divorce Summons. Nobody wants a stranger coming to their home and handing them legal papers. Reading the ...
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Paying Attention To Your Judge

I am always amazed how many clients will "listen" to what the judge is saying but not necessarily "hear" or "process" what the judge is telling them during a divorce ...
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Orders Of Protection Must Be Obeyed

Recently I have met with people that have been accused of violating valid Orders of Protection. Both persons were arrested and charged criminally with Criminal Contempt. Orders of Protection are ...
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Reminders To Include In Custody Agreements

So your case is being settled and the joint custody agreement is being prepared. Here are a few items to consider placing in the Stipulation. It is impossible to list every possible scenario that ...
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