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Shared Custody And Child Support

Shared Custody means that both parents have a substantially equal amount of parenting time with their children. Examples of a shared custody schedule is the child(ren) are with one parent on Monday ...
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Custody Trials: The Good, Bad & Ugly

In the past year I have tried two custody cases to conclusion and decision by the Court. The first case was essentially a relocation case but it also required a change of custody because the parties ...
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Why You Should Retain A Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce attorney is critical. Unless you truly have no assets/debts, no children, no house and no retirement assets then going it alone is really not a good option. No matter how ...
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What Happens When a Judge Meets with a Child During an "In Camera" Interview

When a Judge must decide which parent should have residential custody of a child, the Judge will often meet with the child in what is referred to as an “in camera” interview. The in camera ...
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Should I Have My Spouse's Business Evaluated

Many of my clients are self-employed. They may work alone, with their spouse and/or with employees. The question that comes up is what is the value of the business for divorce purposes and should the ...
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