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Do I Need A Trial Date

While almost all contested divorce cases settle, not all do. There are some cases that just have to be tried because the positions are too far apart whether it be for residential custody, valuation of ...
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Is There Child Support With Equal Shared Custody

When you share equal custody of your children in an arrangement where they are with you equally, there can still be child support. A common equal parenting schedule is Monday-Tuesday with one parent, ...
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Steps For Men Facing Divorce

So often I read about the steps women should take when facing divorce but what about the men? Below are just a few thoughts on the process from the Husband's viewpoint. 1. Spend as much time with ...
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Shared Custody And Child Support

Shared Custody means that both parents have a substantially equal amount of parenting time with their children. Examples of a shared custody schedule is the child(ren) are with one parent on Monday ...
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Custody Trials: The Good, Bad & Ugly

In the past year I have tried two custody cases to conclusion and decision by the Court. The first case was essentially a relocation case but it also required a change of custody because the parties ...
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Why You Should Retain A Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce attorney is critical. Unless you truly have no assets/debts, no children, no house and no retirement assets then going it alone is really not a good option. No matter how ...
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What Happens When a Judge Meets with a Child During an "In Camera" Interview

When a Judge must decide which parent should have residential custody of a child, the Judge will often meet with the child in what is referred to as an “in camera” interview. The in camera ...
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Should I Have My Spouse's Business Evaluated

Many of my clients are self-employed. They may work alone, with their spouse and/or with employees. The question that comes up is what is the value of the business for divorce purposes and should the ...
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