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Why You Should Retain A Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce attorney is critical. Unless you truly have no assets/debts, no children, no house and no retirement assets then going it alone is really not a good option. No matter how ...
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of my blog readers and clients. It is my sincere hope that you will resolve your matrimonial differences in 2018. Perhaps your New Year's resolution can be that both parties ...
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What Happens When You Default In A Divorce Case

If you are served with a Divorce Summons, you must respond if you wish to adequately protect your rights. If you do not appear or if a Complaint is served file an Answer the divorce will proceed in ...
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Cheepo Divorce: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Like most things in life you receive what you pay for. I will not say that hiring the most expensive lawyer gives you the best divorce, nor will I say that hiring an inexpensive lawyer for a contested ...
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Should I Follow My Divorce Lawyer's Advice

That is a big question and there is no perfect answer. However, there is a good answer. Hopefully you have selected an experienced divorce lawyer who knows the law, practices in the courthouse ...
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What Are Your Options When You Get A Court Order You Don't Like

It may happen in your contested divorce case that the Judge issues an Order that not only do you not like you disagree with. What can you do? What are your options? What should you consider? Often in ...
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Working Productively With Your Divorce Attorney

Clients and attorneys are unique. They each have their own way of expressing themselves, interacting with friends, family and professionals. Some people are more open, some more doubting, some people ...
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Why You Need An Experienced Divorce Attorney

If you wouldn't due your own surgery you surely shouldn't try to do your own divorce. Hiring an attorney to guide you through one of life's most difficult moments makes sense but hiring an ...
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Preparing For Your 4-Way Divorce Settlement Conference

Some clients are looking forward to the 4-way divorce settlement conference while others can't stand the thought of being in the same room as their ex-to-be or the attorney of their soon to be ex. ...
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To Settle Or Not: That Is The Divorce Question

Any good matrimonial attorney will always encourage a client to settle their contested divorce case if the terms are great. Clients should also be encouraged to settle their case if the terms are ...
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Active vs Passive Divorce Judges

As a busy divorce lawyer I practice in front of all of the matrimonial judges in my county. There are some judges that are known to be very accommodating to adjournment requests, there are some judges ...
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New Formula For Maintenance Has Begun

As of January 26, 2016 all New York divorce cases commenced after that date will be entitled to a maintenance calculation using the new formula. So if your case has just begun when you engage in ...
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I Was Served With A Divorce Summons What Should I Do

One of the most frightening things that can happen to a married person is to be served with a Divorce Summons. Nobody wants a stranger coming to their home and handing them legal papers. Reading the ...
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Paying Attention To Your Judge

I am always amazed how many clients will "listen" to what the judge is saying but not necessarily "hear" or "process" what the judge is telling them during a divorce ...
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Sweeping Divorce Maintenance Law Changes To Arrive in October

Governor Cuomo signed legislation that will change how temporary maintenance is calculated and will also for the first time provide a formula for the calculation of post-divorce maintenance. Key dates ...
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Ending Divorce Maintenance Due To Cohabitation

People get divorced and sometimes one person has to pay spousal support (maintenance) to the other spouse for a specified period of time in a specified amount so long as the recipient is unmarried. ...
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Why Delaying A Divorce May Not Be A Good Idea

If you know that your marriage is truly over, delaying obtaining a divorce may not be a good idea. Obviously, each person's situation is unique but there are some reasons why waiting to legally ...
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Are Celebrity Divorces Different

Every week the tabloids are filled with stories about which celebrities are getting divorced. Or perhaps there is a story about which celebrity is not being allowed to see the children or how much ...
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Do I Need A Lawyer If We Use A Divorce Mediator

Most clients even if they mediate their divorce will benefit from having their own private attorney review the proposed agreement and suggest modifications. The quality of divorce mediators is very ...
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What Are Your Post-Divorce Goals

You have decided to divorce or are in the middle of your divorce. Have you thought about your long term goals? Have you decided which issues are the most important to you? A true reflection on your ...
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What Happens When An Order To Show Cause Is Filed With The Court

Very often in divorce cases one spouse will file a request for temporary child support, spousal support, custody, exclusive use and occupancy of the house, exclusive use of a car, payment of house ...
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Should I File For Divorce

Filing for a divorce is one of the biggest decisions a married person will make. Clearly, it is not something I can tell you to do or not to do. However, I can share with you the advantages and ...
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Does Going To Trial Help

I just finished a 10 day divorce trial which finally settled as the 11th day was about to begin. Both clients testified, the husband was cross-examined, the wife was about to be cross-examined and the ...
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Seven Divorce New Year's Resolutions

If your divorce case was started in 2014 or earlier, below are goals and resolutions for 2015. Pick the ones that are relevant to your situation and do your best to achieve your wishes. 1. Finish your ...
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Myths About Divorce

Lets shatter some of the myths about divorce that I hear all the time: 1. My spouse knows someone who knows someone and therefore the judge will not be fair. Judges like being judges, it took them ...
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