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When two parties are choosing to separate, it is important that you draft a separation agreement that will address the financial and family responsibilities of the marriage. Some choose to separate while they try to resolve their marriage in the hopes that it can continue. Others may not want to divorce for religious reasons, or just need to separate for other reasons. In any such case it is important that all the legal issues are addressed in a carefully drafted separation agreement.

A Suffolk County divorce lawyer from our firm can assist you to draft these vital agreements. All of the crucial issues in separation will be addressed in the document including child support, custody, alimony and the responsibilities regarding the paying of outstanding obligations. An advantage to a separation agreement is that health insurance benefits can continue. When one party in a marriage has health problems this can be an important factor.

Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County: Separation Agreements

Many are restricted from getting a divorce due to religious beliefs. Others may want to resolve their marriage and feel that time apart could assist them to get the personal matters sorted out so that the marriage can get back on track. A separation agreement outlines all the responsibilities and duties of the couple so that nothing is left to chance. An advantage in a separation agreement is that there is no time limit and the agreement can be in place for an undetermined length of time.

It is vital that your agreement is drafted carefully, with your best interests and rights carefully protected. Our staff at the office of Steven P. Kuhn, Attorney at Law, has extensive experience in drafting separation agreements, and can discuss your situation and advise you about how to proceed. A successful agreement can be used for a divorce agreement later if the two parties decide to proceed with marriage dissolution and all the vital matters will have already been addressed.

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