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While it may be true that some divorces end badly, many do end peacefully and with an agreement between spouses who both wish to part ways. Uncontested divorce is the term that refers to a scenario where either party in a marriage make the decision to legally end their marital status by filing for divorce where the legal grounds will not be disputed. If you are in the process of amicably ending your marriage, a Suffolk County divorce lawyer can help to bring the matter to a resolution with your rights and interests protected.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County

While contested divorce proceedings can be long, complicated, messy and expensive, uncontested divorce proceedings are the opposite. When both parties in a marriage are in agreement over the end of their relationship, the mutual desire to resolve matters amicably can lead to faster negotiations for property distribution, joint-custody agreements and an overall better relationship in cases where there are children involved and both parents wish to play a role in their upbringing. Perhaps the most important benefit of an uncontested divorce is the minimization of stress normally related to divorce, which can keep a friendly and respectful relationship intact. Because uncontested divorce proceedings already have the main issues resolved, the entire process can pass much more quickly and efficiently, which results in lower court costs and attorney fees.

The office of Steven P. Kuhn, Attorney at Law represents the interests of those undergoing an uncontested divorce in Suffolk County. An in-depth experience and understanding of the divorce process gives us the unique benefit of being able to help clients maintain their dignity while pursuing their interests in divorce. We can guide you through the divorce process so that the marriage dissolution is quickly and efficiently resolved and you can move forward with your new life.

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