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Have you considered how your life will influence others after you pass away? Do you have a vision for how the wealth you have accumulated during your life will benefit the people you care about most? To ensure that your property and assets are handled according to your wishes, you should have a comprehensive Estate Plan.

At Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC, you can count on us to help you craft an Estate Plan that will effectuate your wishes beyond your own lifetime. We have experience drafting Wills to help ensure your estate is distributed according to your intent.

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Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

When someone passes away, if they have a valid Will, the property and wealth they have acquired during their lifetime will be disbursed according to the Will in accordance with New York State probate law. New York Surrogate’s Court (probate court) will rely on the provisions of your Will to appoint the Executor for your estate who will be responsible for administering your estate when you die.

To ensure your property and assets end up with whom you wish to receive them, you should establish a comprehensive Estate Plan. A good Estate Plan may use trusts that protect certain assets from the complexities of probate proceedings by removing them from your estate and placing them in the hands of a trustee. Trustees are legally obligated to manage and/or disburse trust property and assets for persons you designate as beneficiaries.

For those assets that are not held in a trust, the terms of your Will govern how they will be distributed during probate proceedings. If upon your death there exist assets in your estate and you do not have a valid Will, the laws of the State of New York will determine how these assets will be distributed among your heirs without regard to any wishes you may have otherwise preferred. Additionally, the same laws will determine who shall be the Administrator of your estate. So instead of your selection of an Executor, an Administrator will be appointed by the Court.

For parents of minor children your Will can designate who will be the Guardian of your children in the event of your passing while your children are still minors.

We offer the following Estate Planning services:

  • Preparing and drafting Wills
  • Interpreting existing Will provisions
  • Living Wills & Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance medical directives (Health Care Proxy)

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Your estate represents your hard work and fortune. To avoid the risk that your estate will be unintentionally distributed by predetermined New York law due to inadequate legal planning, you should retain the services of a Suffolk County Estate Planning attorney from Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving your final wishes to ensure the people you care about most benefit from the financial success of your life, that your wishes for Guardianship of your children, choices regarding medical decisions if you are incapacitated and the selection of a trusted person to sign checks or make other financial decisions if you are disabled are honored.

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