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Common Questions: Divorce and Family Law

Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

Contact a Suffolk County divorce attorney if you would like to discuss your legal options in divorce or other family law issue with an experienced professional.
  • How much will a divorce cost?

    The costs associated with divorce depend on a variety factors. If the divorce is uncontested and agreements have already been made regarding child custody or visitation and division of property, then the process will go much faster and both parties will pay significantly less in court costs and attorney fees.

    In a contested divorce where one or both parties are actively seeking to make things difficult for the other, or when agreements can't be made regarding children or property, then attorney fees and court costs will increase accordingly. It is always in all parties' best financial interest to settle a divorce quickly and amicably.

  • What different kinds of divorce are available?

    There are two main categories of divorce in New York State Law. Most recently, no fault divorce is available to those who wish to end their legal marital relationship without assigning blame to the other however even a no-fault divorce can have other issues that remain unresolved or contested even though marital fault is no longer an issue.

    An uncontested divorce is generally peaceful, efficient, fast and most affordable and occurs when both parties have a mutual agreement to divorce. The most difficult kind of divorce is known as a contested divorce, and occurs when the two parties do not agree and cannot compromise on important points like child custody, visitation, child support or division of property.

  • How are children impacted from a divorce?

    Divorce is a very hard thing for a child to endure, and the effects can be traumatic and long-lasting. Spousal conflicts related to visitation or custody rights can put a child in the middle of a complicated divorce process, which can create lasting memories that may have consequences later.

    All parties undergoing divorce proceedings should do their best not to put their children in the middle, but at the same time, decisions need to be made to protect the best interest of any children. A Suffolk County divorce attorney can help to bring these important matters to a resolution.

  • Do I really need a divorce lawyer?
    Even in cases of uncontested or no fault divorce, anyone who is entering into divorce proceedings should receive the professional advice of the office of Steven P. Kuhn, Attorney at Law. Our firm understands the divorce process in New York and can make sure all papers are filed appropriately, and that all needs are being met in a timely fashion. Our staff will protect your rights and interests, and has gained a reputation as a trusted family law firm.

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