What Financial Records Will My Lawyer Need

Once you hire your attorney you will be asked to complete a Statement of Net Worth. Your spouse's attorney will also request that his client prepare the same document. When both clients have finished their statements they will be exchanged by the attorneys so that they and you can each see what the other person has disclosed.

The records that will help you prepare the form and assist your attorney in reviewing your assets and debts are recent financial statements from all financial institutions in which either you or your spouse have accounts, retirement statements, deed for your home, condo, co-op or time share, recent pay stubs and mortgage and loan statements. In addition, the last three years of personal and business tax returns should be provided to your lawyer.

If you do not have this information do not worry because your spouse may have the records. If neither of you have some of these records and if there is disagreement regarding the value of accounts your attorney will either ask you to sign an authorization for the release of the information or issue a subpoena to have the records produced.

If there are claims that one person has wasted marital assets on drugs, gambling or in a manner that has no useful purpose in the marriage your attorney may want to review credit card statements and monthly bank statements.

The exchange of financial documents is one of the most important steps to make sure that you receive your fair share of marital assets commonly called equitable distribution.

Your divorce attorney will guide you through this process so that it can be accomplished as efficiently as possible.