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Are you considering whether or not you should file for divorce? There is no substitute for experience. If you are filing for divorce, the outcome of the case will affect you and your loved ones for years to come. Your divorce should be addressed by an experienced attorney to ensure that your interests are protected when it comes to child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC, Attorneys at Law has served families in Suffolk County for decades. From an uncontested divorce to divorce litigation, you can rely on our legal team.

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Why Choose Kuhn & Sandler for Your Divorce?

Understanding Divorce Types in New York

New York lawmakers have finally made it possible to file a no-fault divorce. If a divorcing couple can carry on generally amicable negotiations, then they are candidates for an uncontested or no-fault divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, the decision-making power is in the divorcing parties' hands and not in the hands of a judge. In other cases, when the two parties cannot agree and find it difficult to even communicate with one another, a contested divorce may be in order.

In either case, Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC and their legal team will do all they can to avoid the problem of a long, contested divorce, but when the other party in the divorce makes unreasonable or unfair demands, we will stand firm on behalf of our client, both in and out of court. We are committed to protecting the rights of our clients and will be unwavering as we pursue the results you want and deserve.

Avoid These Common Divorce Pitfalls

  • Being unreasonable – Your case will take longer, cost more, drain you emotionally and perhaps give you a worse result.
  • Using your divorce case to punish your spouse – Judges and lawyers want cases to conclude. Clients who because of their anger or emotions use the courts to get even often have the same problems as unreasonable clients.
  • Alienating the children – Some do this with the hope that they will not want a positive relationship with the other parent. No explanation needed.
  • Concealing and/or selling assets, lying under oath – If the judge thinks that you are lying the judge may not believe you even when you are telling the truth. Your credibility with the court is critical.
  • Unnecessarily prolonging the case without any good reasons – Some clients have a great deal of difficulty with the idea that there will be a final result. All cases need to end.
  • Repeatedly firing attorneys and hiring new ones only because you do not like the advice that you are receiving – Not every client and lawyer are a good fit, but when a client has had many lawyers or the lawyers are known to be highly experienced, the repeated substitution of attorneys is expensive, time-consuming and not always productive.
  • Representing yourself – The old saying is that the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. If lawyers should not represent themselves, non-lawyers will have an even more difficult time.
  • Unnecessary roughness – Fighting for the last ounce of blood, property or parenting time. The more beaten up someone feels the more likely they are going to be looking for payback.
  • Inability to see how the case may look from any perspective other than your own – As hard as it may seem there may be another point of view about what happened in the marriage and how should it be concluded.
  • Be careful about "cocktail advice" – Everybody knows somebody who is divorced who got a great or a bad deal. Every case is different. Let your lawyer help guide you with years of experience and don't believe everything other people tell you.

Cost of Divorce in New York

The costs associated with divorce depend on a variety factors. If the divorce is uncontested and agreements have already been made regarding child custody or visitation and division of property, then the process will go much faster and both parties will pay significantly less in court costs and attorney fees.

In a contested divorce where one or both parties are actively seeking to make things difficult for the other, or when agreements can't be made regarding children or property, then attorney fees and court costs will increase accordingly. It is always in all parties' best financial interest to settle a divorce quickly and amicably.

How Are Children Impacted by Divorce?

Divorce is a very hard thing for a child to endure, and the effects can be traumatic and long-lasting. Spousal conflicts related to visitation or custody rights can put a child in the middle of a complicated divorce process, which can create lasting memories that may have consequences later.

All parties undergoing divorce proceedings should do their best not to put their children in the middle, but at the same time, decisions need to be made to protect the best interest of any children. An attorney can help to bring these important matters to a resolution.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC for my divorce in Suffolk County?

Choosing Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC for your divorce proceedings in Suffolk County offers numerous benefits. With over 30 years of family law experience, our firm prioritizes your unique needs and remains dedicated to your case every step of the way. We have successfully represented over 3,000 clients and provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation to start the process. Our commitment to your case and our extensive experience in handling both uncontested and contested divorces make us a reliable choice to protect your interests.

What is the difference between uncontested and contested divorce in New York?

In New York, an uncontested divorce is one where both parties can amicably negotiate and agree on key issues such as child custody, support, and property division, allowing them to retain decision-making power. Conversely, a contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree and have difficulty communicating, often requiring court intervention to resolve disputes. Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC is adept at handling both types of divorces, striving to avoid prolonged litigation but ready to firmly stand up for our clients' rights when necessary.

How can I avoid common pitfalls during my divorce process?

To avoid common divorce pitfalls, it's crucial to remain reasonable, avoid using the case to punish your spouse, and not alienate your children. Additionally, being truthful about assets and not unnecessarily prolonging the case are important. It's also advisable to maintain consistent legal representation and not represent yourself. Lastly, avoid 'cocktail advice' and rely on the professional guidance of your attorney, who has the experience to navigate your divorce effectively.

What factors influence the cost of a divorce in New York?

The cost of a divorce in New York is influenced by several factors, including whether the divorce is uncontested or contested. An uncontested divorce, where agreements on child custody and property division are pre-determined, tends to be less expensive and quicker. In contrast, contested divorces, where parties dispute these issues, result in higher attorney fees and court costs. Settling a divorce amicably is financially beneficial for all parties involved.

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