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Do You Need to Annul Your Marriage?

The most common end to a marriage is divorce. Another legal way to end a marriage is annulment. The difference is that annulment legally proves or declares that a marriage was not valid when it took place. If there was some form of fraud or deception and intentional misrepresentations, it may call for an annulment.

The agreement to become married may be deemed to be invalid if any false or misleading information was provided prior to the legal union. The marriage will not be left on record if an annulment takes place. From a technical standpoint, the marriage will have never occurred when the process is complete. It is advisable to take the time to speak with an attorney if you would like to find out more about annulment.

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There are many conditions which may be grounds for an annulment. Although the stigma associated of divorce no longer affects people as much as it did in earlier times, there are still valid legal arguments for pursuing an annulment rather than a divorce. With the proper evidence at hand, an annulment can be an easier process and lead to a fast resolution.

The following are legal grounds that may allow an annulment to be granted to a couple:

  • If one partner is guilty of bigamy and is legally married to another individual
  • If there were false promises or guarantees that induced the person to get married. Examples of this are the desire to have children or being physically and/or mentally able to have sexual intercourse
  • If one or both individuals were under the legal age of consent for marriage

At the office of Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we have several years of experience representing clients in divorce and annulment cases. Our clients' happiness is important to us, and we do everything we can to obtain a successful outcome on your behalf, while making the process as stress-free as possible. Our firm will use our knowledge and experience to work to get through the annulment process as rapidly as possible.

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