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Collaborative Divorce in Suffolk County, NY

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Collaborative divorce is widely gaining popularity among couples who are seeking a respectful means to end their marriage in the state of New York. Generally considered to be a non-combative approach to the dissolution of a marriage, the process of collaborative divorce hinges on the client-attorney relationship that is built between you and your legal representative. It is essential to invest in a Suffolk County divorce lawyer whose skills and methodical approach align with your goals.

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This alternative allows for negotiation and settlement of a divorce agreement free from the confines of a formal courtroom hearing. With collaborative divorce, couples often profit from an expedited process. We encourage you to learn how our Suffolk County collaborative divorce attorneys can help you take advantage of these and other benefits.

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The Promise to Avoid Court

At the core of all collaborative divorces is the promise to settle all divorce terms outside of court, a promise made by each divorcing spouse. The termination of marriage is set to be settled civilly and cooperatively, with minimal arguments. Each party and their legal representative instead agree to non-combatively, objectively negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement. In this way, you avoid the stress of litigation, and you are not at the mercy of the courts.

Collaborative Divorce: A Comfortable Middle Ground

Collaborative divorce has been described by some as the middle ground between mediation and litigation. Whereas mediation calls for each spouse to advocate for him- or herself while receiving consultation from an attorney, collaborative divorce allows for direct representation from an attorney. And while litigation requires each party to appear before a courtroom judge, collaboration instead settles everything outside of court.

In essence, the process of collaborative divorce systematically avoids the downsides of each alternative process, and instead utilizes the most desirable aspects of each.

Each spouse is represented by their respective attorney, a legal advocate who protects their rights throughout the negotiation process. With collaboration, all divorce settlement paperwork is fully prepared and completed ahead of time, and other outside professionals, such as accountants, might be consulted. In most cases, the collaborative process serves as the perfect medium for a divorce between two spouses who wish to complete the process as amicably as possible.

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Even in a collaborative divorce, it is only natural that divorcing couples will disagree on some of the key aspects of the divorce agreement. This is where an attorney can step in and advocate on your behalf.

At our Suffolk County collaborative divorce firm, we are well-versed in all matters of divorce and family law, from the complex issues involved in a high net worth divorce, to the potentially heated arguments that arise over child custody. Collaborative divorce enables couples to separate through an alternative, amicable process. We are happy to offer legal services that cater to the needs of couples who are seeking to move forward through collaboration.

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