Why You Should Hire An Experienced Divorce Attorney

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney who devotes his practice to this one area of the law will help you obtain a better final result, with less expense and a faster resolution.

Judges have repeatedly told me that divorce lawyers are unique. A good divorce lawyer is an excellent listener because understanding the client's needs is critical. An experienced divorce attorney knows how to manage your case whether it is simple or complicated. Divorce lawyers are generally hard working attorneys because in addition to negotiating the financial aspects of a divorce they help with the emotional aspects of custody and parenting time and assist in anticipating the future needs of their client.

Lawyers who devote their practice to family law matters are genuinely desirous of handling your case and helping you. Lawyers who dabble in divorce cases often find themselves in over their heads and because of their lack of experience are reluctant to work on your case because it is too hard or they lack the legal knowledge to efficiently handle your matter. As soon as the work becomes complicated they often will regret the decision to take the case.

Another important reason for choosing an experienced divorce attorney is that the attorney will be familiar with many of the other matrimonial attorneys and will know how they handle cases. A lawyer that is well known and respected by the judges is invaluable because not only can they often give you advice as to how a particular judge thinks, but they can more effectively advocate for you because the judges know whether they can rely upon the attorney's statements.

I have been practicing law for nearly 30 years of which the last 20 years have been 100% devoted to family law matters. My past clients include attorneys, doctors, architects, businessmen, teachers, police and firemen, homemakers and students. Our firm will help you through one of life's most difficult challenges.