Myths About Divorce

Lets shatter some of the myths about divorce that I hear all the time:

1. My spouse knows someone who knows someone and therefore the judge will not be fair. Judges like being judges, it took them years to become nominated, they had to run for election and they like their job, benefits, future retirement package and rarely and I mean rarely will they put their whole career and job at risk for one person getting divorced.

2. I'm a man and I can't possibly be treated fairly. While there is no question that men have had to work harder to win custody disputes in the absence of a spouse who is a walking disaster, the truth is that it is fact sensitive. If you have not been involved with your children because of work or other reasons, it is harder to win custody. On the other hand super-involved fathers can and do win.

3. Why won't the judge tell my spouse to get a job so I can pay less maintenance. This has always been a problem but the courts more recently are much more inclined to factor in the ability of the non-working spouse to get a job and contribute to their own support.

4. The court can make him visit his children. The courts cannot make bad parents into good parents. Parents who don't visit their children or have a relationship with them, regrettably are missing the wonderful opportunity of raising and inspiring their children.

5. Child support never goes down it only goes up. It all depends on the reason for the requested reduction in child support. The right facts and you win the modification.