Maintaining Your Privacy During A Divorce

Nearly everybody has a smart phone and receives emails, voice mail, text messages and has a Facebook account. All of these are ripe for spying by your spouse if you are in the middle of a divorce.

I strongly recommend that you take a few simple steps to prevent your private communications from being read by your spouse:

1. Change your email password. Clients are amazed when their spouse has their emails to their boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or even to and from their attorney.

2. Utilize a privacy code to lock and unlock your phone. If you don't use a pass lock, then when your phone is on your desk, dresser, in your bag or on a table your text messages can be looked at, your voice messages can be played, your incoming and outgoing mail can be read.

3. If your phone and/or email account is not in your name your spouse can get a printout of all the calls you make and receive. When certain numbers are called or calls received from multiple times everyday it never goes over well. If you can get a new account or a new phone number it is not a bad idea to have it in your name alone.

4. If you are worried about not receiving all of your mail, either obtain a post office box or have your mail forwarded to a family member.

5. Be careful about who you friend on Facebook and what pictures and posts you put up and what pictures and posts your friends put up. If you are tagged in a photo that you would not want your spouse to see, ask that it be taken down or at least that your tag be removed.

Following these simple steps can save you much embarrassment and minimize the emotional stress of your divorce.