Everybody Has A Cell Phone

Since everybody has a cell phone, nearly everybody has become an amateur videographer and recording engineer. If you are going through a divorce always be aware how easy it is for your spouse or partner to digitally record whether audio only or both audio and video. The phone could be in a pocket, bag, sitting on a shelf or on the counter and be turned on to record.

I frequently will have a client come to me with their cell phone and want me to listen to the argument or the name calling or the admissions. I have even had situations where the child has recorded the parent and then given the recording to the other parent.

In our digital era where social media rules, clients have come in with their spouse's Facebook posts as well as the posts of the significant other's posts. So even if you are careful about what you post that does not mean that your friends posts about you partying or on vacation aren't going to make their way into the other side's hands.

Remember that when you are in the middle of a contested divorce that both sides are under the microscope and you want to avoid actions, words and conduct that would cause your judge to become critical.