Holiday Wishes

As the holidays rapidly approach put aside the divorce case and concentrate on your family. Now is the time to do your best so that both parents and children enjoy the holidays with each other. Make sure that the kids get to spend meaningful and quality time with both parents. Consider how you would feel if your time were severely restricted with the children. Consider how you would feel if the children never wake up in your home on Christmas morning or never spend Christmas Eve with your family.

Celebrate the holidays and let the children and the other parent enjoy the time as well. The children will always remember as they grow up how their parents got along or did not on Christmas Eve/Day or New Year's Eve/Day. They will not forget the angry phone calls they overhear, the threats that are made or the police coming to their home.

Make the holidays go smoothly for everyone and perhaps the good Karma will flow through the New Year and your divorce will also reach a faster resolution because of the good will that you created.