Are Celebrity Divorces Different

Every week the tabloids are filled with stories about which celebrities are getting divorced. Or perhaps there is a story about which celebrity is not being allowed to see the children or how much money the ex will be receiving.

So once you get past the hype and sensationalism of this "news" and the fact that the papers publish the sordid details are there are any other differences between celebrity divorces and "regular" divorces?

One huge difference is that celebrities often have far greater ability to pay big legal fees to their attorneys. The retainer that they pay will be substantially higher and so will the total of their legal fees. The attorneys know that their clients expect instant gratification, want to be told "yes" to their questions and if the answer is "no" they want to litigate until the other side gives in either emotionally or financially. There is no question in all types of legal matters that having a big war chest is an advantage. Of course, if you are an "ax murderer" it may not matter how much money you have.

On the other hand, celebrity divorces still have the same basic issues as all other divorces: will there be joint custody or sole custody, what is the parenting schedule, how much child support must be paid, will there be spousal support and for how long and how much, how will marital assets be divided and is there an obligation to contribute to the other side's attorney's fees.

At the end of the day, we all know that celebrities are regular people with more recognition and/or money. They still face the same problems as everyone else.