Same-Sex Couples Receive Right to Marry in All 50 States

When something as monumental as the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage occurs, it only makes sense that the public response will be equally epic. June 26, 2015 marked a historic day for the United States of America and every state felt the weight of the Supreme Court’s decision, whether same-sex marriage had already been legalized or not.

Many states in which same-sex marriage was banned prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling are grappling with what this decision really means. Religious beliefs have made it difficult for some individuals to accept the legalization, including those in Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio. Certain county clerks have refused outright to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Same-sex couples in New York are protected from much of the animosity simply because of state legislature, which legalized same-sex marriage back in 2011. More time to adjust means that the Supreme Court’s ruling was less shocking for New Yorkers in opposition.

The Right to Marry – and the Right to Divorce

It seems ironic to discuss same-sex divorce when same-sex marriage has been so long in coming. But any marriage can deteriorate and divorce is often the best solution. All 50 states must also grant divorces to same-sex couples; New York is no different.

The decision to divorce also brings about an entirely new set of factors to consider. Child custody, spousal support, and property division are crucial elements for any same-sex couple pursuing divorce, but it can be difficult to arrive at a mutually satisfactory outcome. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate these complexities on your own.

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