Orders Of Protection Must Be Obeyed

Recently I have met with people that have been accused of violating valid Orders of Protection. Both persons were arrested and charged criminally with Criminal Contempt.

Orders of Protection are typically issued by either the Family Court or the District Court. The terms may be to refrain from certain types of behavior or to stay away from a person or to refrain from corporal punishment or to refrain from consumption of alcohol or drugs.

If you are charged with violating the Order of Protection you may be arrested or you may be summoned to the Family Court for a violation but not criminally charged. Either way the consequences can be serious if the allegations are true. Any criminal charge is serious and must be effectively dealt with to avoid jail time. Violations can be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony. The District Attorney's office prosecutes criminal cases. In the Family Court if you are found to have violated an Order Of Protection the court may also extend the Order of Protection for a longer time period as well as order incarceration for the violation.

I cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding situations in which you are alleged to have violated an Order of Protection. Even if you prove you did not violate the Order you still were forced to endure numerous court appearances, legal fees and a possible trial.