Summer Fun WIth Your Children

We are in the middle of the summer on Long Island and there is still plenty of time to do some fun things with your children. Don't let your divorce prevent you from going away or having a "stay cation" with your kids.

I was in court last week and the Judge asked the father if he wants to see his children on Saturday from 10-6 and the father said, "what I am suppose to do with them if I can't have them overnight". The reason he couldn't have them overnight was that he refused to disclose where in NJ he was living and the accommodations for two very young children. Neither the judge, children's attorney or I would agree with them leaving Suffolk County.

The judge suggested Adventure Land, a water park, a regular park, the movies but nothing was acceptable as this father said we have better water parks in NJ, where he clearly was not going to take them anyway.

So if you can book a few days for yourself, take a road trip, go to NYC, go to the zoo, the beach, the town pool, or any of the many outdoor places that are not expensive and lots of fun and enjoy your parenting time with your children.