COVID-19 & Suffolk County Divorces & Family Court

The impact of the Corona Virus on our country, state and county has been unlike anything else that I have seen in my lifetime.  Other than a major snow day, hurricane, Election Day or special holiday I have not seen the Courts substantially closed for any lengthy period of time.

Matrimonial lawyers have been advised that the Supreme Court for Suffolk County is operating on a very limited basis for emergency situations.  The Family Court is also operating on an emergency basis primarily defined as child abuse, neglect, juvenile delinquent and orders of protection.  Most support matters (unless an emergency) and visitation/custody cases are being adjourned automatically by the court clerks into May and June.  Trials are also being postponed.

Judges, court officers, court clerks and reporters have all been told to stay home unless their supervisor advises them to report to work.  While no end date has clearly been set, for the moment it appears that this will last awhile.  If court dates are being moved to May or after, the later part of April is certainly a big question mark.

My office is working remotely and the attorneys and staff are all reachable either by email or by voicemail left in the office.  Anyone who needs to speak or write to us can.  If it is truly an emergency such as domestic violence dial 911 and make a police report.  If  it involves the safety of a child, the CPS hotline should be contacted.

For all of your Matrimonial and Family Law matters we are here for you, but first and foremost stay healthy and safe.