Do I Have To Follow My Divorce Lawyer's Advice

Of course you do not have to follow your divorce lawyer's advice, BUT if you have a good attorney with experience you should think carefully before doing the opposite of your lawyer's recommendation. Lawyers never know their client's spouse/other parent as well as the client does, so there may be pieces of information that the lawyer is unaware of however, the lawyer's experience is certainly worthy of consideration.

There are clearly times where the client knows the other side better and can get into their head but the lawyer's advice is based upon years of being in the courtroom and observing what judges typically do, reading decisions of similar cases over the years, talking to other attorneys and sharing their observations, attending continuing education classes and then knowing the client. So if a client chooses not to follow the advice of their attorney they may wind up with greater legal fees because the other side fights the client's decision and if it turns out that the advice was correct the money could have been saved. Additionally, it will take longer to reach a settlement because the other side wants to find out if the judge agrees or disagrees.

While there are hundreds of examples that can be given on even the most basic questions about child support deviation, college expenses, valuing assets, parenting schedules, payment of household bills while still living together, determining maintenance and equitable distribution of a business, tax impacts, whether to move out or stay in the house, payment of attorney's fees the hope is that if you have chosen an experienced and smart matrimonial attorney that legal guidance will save you money, time, emotional upset and help you move forward sooner than later.

If I could give any potential client advice it would always be to select their attorney based upon experience, reputation, cost and confidence that the attorney understands your goals and will give you the best advice to accomplish them. That does not mean that if you are asking for the sun, moon and the planets that the attorney can fulfill all of your wants, but at least you will know what is possible and the best way of making that a reality.