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Cheepo Divorce: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Like most things in life you receive what you pay for. I will not say that hiring the most expensive lawyer gives you the best divorce, nor will I say that hiring an inexpensive lawyer for a contested ...
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Should I Follow My Divorce Lawyer's Advice

That is a big question and there is no perfect answer. However, there is a good answer. Hopefully you have selected an experienced divorce lawyer who knows the law, practices in the courthouse ...
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Divorce Issues For Older Couples

When older couples divorce while the financial issues may be similar to younger couples they are also different. Yes, assets must still be divided and spousal support must be considered but there are ...
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What Happens At Your First Divorce Court Conference

For most clients in a contested divorce the Preliminary Conference will be the first time that you go to court for your case. The Preliminary Conference is scheduled at the request of either attorney ...
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Planning To Finish Your Divorce In 2014

Will 2014 be the year your divorce is finished? If you and your spouse can be reasonable then there is no reason why this cannot be accomplished. In fact even if one of you is unreasonable you may ...
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Special Concerns For Divorcing Senior Citizens

This year I have had several cases involving senior citizens who are divorcing. My oldest client just turned 88 and is in a second marriage of 26 years. His wife is 77 years old and has pre-dementia. ...
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Is My Settlement Good Enough?

Every divorce client wonders and asks me, "is this a fair deal", "am I paying too much" which is always followed by "am I getting enough". Of course the right answer is ...
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Pension QDRO or Buyout Which Is Best

Whether to QDRO a pension or accept a buyout is a common question in divorce cases. There is no perfect answer that fits every case since clients are of different ages, income and have different ...
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How Do I Get My Share Of The Pension

If your spouse earned a pension during the marriage, you are entitled to equitable distribution of the pension even if monthly payments have not started. Your lawyer will help you protect your share ...
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