Financial Advantages Of A Divorce Settlement

There are many reasons for settling financial issues in your contested divorce case.

  1. Finality. The negotiations are over. No more back and forth over numbers. No more production of financial records. No more sleepless nights over financial issues.
  2. You and your ex to be make the decisions instead of the judge. Almost all judges will tell you that if you can't decided they will, but you are empowering a person who only gets to know you over a few days of trial, but has not lived your life, walked your walk and seen life through your eyes. The judge may only be hearing about the worst of each of you rather than the best of both of you. Each person potentially exaggerates their expenses and needs while minimizing their income or ability to earn. Distortions don't make for the best financial outcomes.
  3. Less legal fees as major financial issues are resolved.
  4. Less time away from work or home for court conferences, hearings and meetings with your attorney. More time spent doing the things that are important to you and that you enjoy.
  5. Moving forward rather than being stuck in the past.
  6. Agreements are reached on the value of assets for financial distribution, or income for child support and spousal support. Property settlement agreement is written and signed by both of you and provided to the judge to "So Order".

Notice that I have not listed any disadvantages because there are none.

Next Blog will be on the advantages of resolving custody disputes.