Mother Prohibited From Posting On Facebook About Child

A mother who called her son an "asshole" on Facebook and who admitted she did so because "he is" and thought that her friends should know was ordered to no longer post about any of her children on any social media site.

The parents previously had joint custody with residential custody with the father however the father was granted sole custody of their three children. Both parents agreed that it was no longer working due to their acrimonious relationship. The oldest child has mental health issues and receives counseling. The mother was not supportive of counseling, the therapist or the recommendations. In addition, the mother resorted to verbal, emotional and physical abuse of the child showing a total lack of insight into the child's needs. The father, on the other hand, was stable, supportive and appropriately caring for his children.

The Family Court issued an Order of Protection on behalf of the child against the mother to prevent her from abuse of the child and to prevent her from using social media sites to post about any of her children. The decision was affirmed by an upstate appeals court.

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