Father's Day & Father's Rights

As Father's Day approaches it is time to acknowledge the many, many fathers who always do the right thing for their children, who sacrifice emotionally, financially and legally to help their children. All too often we hear only about the fathers who don't meet their responsibilities but how often do we show recognition to those that go above and beyond for their kids.

As a divorce attorney, I see it all. I see the fathers who get beaten up and chewed up by litigious spouses and who still turn the other cheek. I see fathers who pay more than what the Child Support Standards Act requires. They pay child support past age 21 to age 22, they contribute to extra-curricular activities while still paying child support (the law says these activities are part of child support), they pay numerous expenses for their children out of pocket because they love their children. I see fathers who settle their divorce case with payments including spousal support so high they do not know how they will meet their own reasonable expenses without working a second job. I see fathers who are in the military and want to see their children on their return home and mothers who say that the child's dance class is more important because the recital is in two weeks, by which time the father will be gone again. I see fathers whose parenting time is interfered with that don't rush to court or call the police to enforce the court order.

So, without denying all that mothers do for their children and their sacrifices as well, buy a card so that your kids can thank their father and let the kids pick out a gift for their father. It is not about the money it is the recognition and the pride that will be instilled for father and child.