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If you are considering a divorce or have another urgent family law issue, it can be very stressful emotional. It is very important that you get in touch with a Long Island divorce attorney. Having a competent legal team who is on your side, fighting on your behalf will assist you to come out of your divorce with an agreement or court order that serves your best interests.

Our legal team at the office of Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC, is experienced in providing clients with dedicated legal representation. We are a persistent team and the founding partner at our firm has been in practice for over 37 years. We have acquired extensive knowledge and skill in the field of divorce and family law. Throughout our years in practice, we have built an exceptional legal team who provides our clients with high quality legal care and professional service.

Divorce Lawyer in Long Island

Our firm is very confident in our ability to advise our clients in their family law or divorce issue. We can evaluate your case and seek the best strategy to seek the outcome that you seek in your case. We provide legal counsel to clients in divorce, common law marriage, property division, asset division, child support, child custody, relocation, annulment, divorce, visitation, and joint custody. We are also proficient in assisting clients with settlement agreements and prenuptial agreements.

We treat each client equally, regardless of the size of their case, and work tirelessly to pursue a favorable outcome. No matter what your divorce case involves, our goal is to protect your rights and interests. This will leave you the energy and time to take care of yourself and your children. We are confident in our ability to provide you the experienced legal counsel you deserve in any family law or divorce matter.

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If you would like legal assistance with filing your divorce, contact a Long Island divorce lawyer today.

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