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Marriage is a significant emotional and financial investment for the parties involved, so it comes as no surprise that matters over debt division, asset division and property division would be complicated as well. Unfortunately, divorce is known to be somewhat unpredictable and at times emotionally charged.

If you are getting a divorce, we urge you to contact a Rocky Point divorce attorney from the office of Kuhn & Sandler, PLLC. Our founding partner has over 37 years of legal experience so you can breathe easier knowing that we can handle your case with skill and competence.

Under New York State law, a couple's assets are divided under the laws of equitable distribution. New York also now allows for no-fault divorce, which means that a marital couple can get a divorce if just one party is unhappy and wishes to dissolve the marriage. They are not required to claim another reason such as cruel and inhumane treatment if it does not apply. When you proceed with divorce, it will be necessary to disclose all of your financial records; this ensures that neither party is hiding assets from the other spouse.

Family Law Legal Services

Our firm handles a broad range of family law services including: annulment, orders of protection, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, relocation, maintenance, separation agreements and settlement agreements. If you are interested in separated but not divorcing, we can help you determine if you have grounds for a legal separation. If you and your spouse have minor children, it will be necessary to work out a reasonable child custody and visitation arrangement with your spouse. The parent who is given visitation is typically the parent that pays child support; however, depending on your arrangement there can be variations to the agreement.

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There are two types of divorces: contested and uncontested. An uncontested divorce is one where the couple reasonably agrees on important matters such as what will happen to their property, who will pay which debts and who will get what money. They also typically agree on child custody and visitation. An amicable divorce is always more affordable and simpler.

On the other hand a contested divorce occurs where the couple has strong disagreements about matters such as child custody or asset division. These typically require litigation and are far more expensive than an amicable divorce. We understand that your divorce will fall into either category; however, regardless of the course your divorce is headed, we are here to provide you with dedicated legal representation where your best interests are always our top priority. Please contact us today to get started on your divorce proceeding.

Are you getting a divorce? If so, contact a Rocky Point divorce attorney from the firm to schedule your initial consultation.

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