The Value Of Ending Your Divorce Case

Almost every client when about to agree to their divorce settlement will ask me the same questions: "Am I doing the right thing?" "Is this a good deal?" "Would I get a better result if I went to trial?"

In response, I usually tell the client that there is tremendous value to ending their contested divorce case. The need for both parties to be able to end the hostility, move forward, parent effectively, re-establish their financial lives, put an end to coming to court, finish paying legal fees and not have to take time off from work to see their lawyer or go to court.

Clients always worry if they are paying too much or not getting enough. A former matrimonial judge would often tell the clients at the beginning of the case that the day that they settle their case they will feel like they just had an expensive dinner and on the way home will get hungry and want to stop at a fast food restaurant to "get some more". There will always be a relative, friend or co-worker who may think you should have held out for a different result. However, as well meaning as the person may be they are not living through the divorce and are not directly affected by the results.

One of the benefits of my many years of experience representing clients in divorce cases is that you gain my insight into helping you make these big decisions. If I think that the settlement is unfair or that you could do much better by not settling, at that time, I will tell you. There are many reasons and nuances to that recommendation but it is based on knowledge of the law, assessing the case, judge, other attorney and both parties. There is no one size fits all unless the case is very simple which would mean that you would not be second guessing yourself.

Not every case will settle right down the middle with everything exactly split whether the issue is parenting time, child support, spousal support or asset and debt distribution. The law is imprecise and each case usually has unique facts and circumstances.

In the end, each client must decide whether settlement allows you to move forward and live productively and securely. As difficult as it may appear, the other side has the same concerns that you have and is trying to make the same decision.

I take personal pride in having helped thousands of clients throughout my legal career make these big decisions. Please call my office to meet with me so that I can help you secure and protect your future during and after your divorce.