Seven Divorce New Year's Resolutions

If your divorce case was started in 2014 or earlier, below are goals and resolutions for 2015. Pick the ones that are relevant to your situation and do your best to achieve your wishes.

1. Finish your case in 2015 with a negotiated settlement. Trials are tough and expensive, everyone suffers whether emotionally or financially. Do your best to work out an agreement.

2. Resolve custody and parenting disputes permitting meaningful time with the children for both parents. Unless your spouse has little interest in seeing the children, imagine what it would be like if you had to see your children on the same schedule you want for your spouse. If you would not be satisfied chances are your spouse feels the same way.

3. Pay the child support that you are suppose to pay. Don't hide income which fuels the litigation and creates anger. If you owe money for bills for your children and the bills are legitimate pay your share.

4. If you have residential custody in a joint custody relationship, consult with the other parent in advance in a meaningful way. When both parents feel a part of decision making the costs of the decisions are easier to accept.

5. If you should be working and can work, then obtain employment. When one spouse is asked to support a capable spouse, financial stress is created and anger grows. Obtain employment so that you can help support your children.

6. Compromise and then consider further compromise if necessary to resolve an issue. If you don't compromise is the issue truly non-negotiable? Most problems can be resolved if there is a mutual desire for a fair resolution.

7. Be honest with yourself and with your attorney.