Daughter Has Child Out of Wedlock And Her Father Still Has To Pay Child Support

A girl gets pregnant and her father who lives with his wife and four children tells his 18 year old daughter that there will not be enough room for her and her child in his apartment and that she must live elsewhere. The girl had previously had an abortion and her father thought that she needed "tough love". The girl and her boyfriend were living in a shelter with their two children. The girl was working at Macy's but not earning enough to be self-supporting. She was receiving food stamps and social services. The Department of Social Services sought an order of child support to make her father pay to support her since he told her to leave the apartment.

The Family Court after review of the initial decision decided that the father still had to support his daughter since he asked her to leave and she otherwise was willing to stay and she was not self-supporting. The father and his daughter still had an ongoing relationship even though she was not residing with her father.

The bottom line is that if the County can find someone else to be responsible and pay they will. Unless the child has refused to follow reasonable directions in the parent's home or is self-supporting, married or in the military the County will not want the taxpayer's to support under 21 child.