Why If Your Spouse Has An Inexperienced Attorney Can Cost You

My clients always hope that their spouse will hire a "lousy" attorney and that I will outfox them, out litigate them and triumph as good defeats evil. I prefer that the other attorney is experienced (although not as much as me) and that they understand divorce law. When I have a case with an experienced attorney I can work faster for my client and save them money. I don't have to argue over points that are clearly in my client's favor. I don't have to explain case law or statutes to the other attorney. I don't have to answer nonsensical letters and demands.

If the other attorney and I have had cases before I know whether the other attorney is trustworthy in negotiations, how they will negotiate and whether they have the ability to gain their client's confidence so that their recommendations will be followed. When I have an inexperienced attorney and I try to settle a case the attorney may try to stake out positions that cannot be supported and then when those positions are shot down their own client loses faith and hires a new attorney. I then have to start over. Since the work that divorce lawyers do for their clients is on an hourly basis, the more time it takes to resolve their case, the more costly.

There are excellent lawyers who are worthy adversaries and a pleasure for me to go up against because we both know how to get the case finished. I can predict what their response will be because we have had so many cases together that we have been on both sides of an issue. We have had similar experiences with the judge assigned to the case and know how to present our arguments.

What most clients want is a divorce lawyer who understands their concerns, fears and goals. They need a lawyer who can explain the law to them and apply it to their case. Most clients want to be fair but there are always some who want so much extra that their case becomes more difficult. Good competent representation on both sides of the case will usually save the client money and help finish the case faster.