Should I Choose A Divorce Lawyer Based On The Hourly Rate

Most divorce lawyers will tell you the amount of their retainer and their hourly rate at your initial consultation. If the law firm has multiple attorneys the rate may have a range based upon the experience of the associate attorneys through the partners.

There are times where a prospective client will inquire why one lawyer's hourly rate is higher than another. Should this be a factor in choosing your attorney?

There are several important factors that will help you choose the right attorney. The most important factor is your degree of confidence and trust in the attorney that you want to hire. The hourly rate, which may appear to be an important factor is not necessarily as important. An attorney practicing law for over 30 years and only handling matrimonial and family law matters will have a depth of knowledge greater than lesser experienced attorneys or lawyers who may have many years of experience but not all of it is in matrimonial matters. If a highly experienced lawyer answers your questions without having to do any research or knows exactly how to prepare your court motion to get the results that you need, then their fee for services will be less and more important the results and advice will be better.

A senior attorney's professional relationship and reputation with both the judges and opposing counsel can make a huge difference in the amount of time a case takes and how settlement negotiations are handled, yet that is a factor almost impossible for a client to assess if they were not recommended to the attorney.

Clearly a client needs to be able to afford the lawyer that they choose, but often price will not be as important because the practice of law is not one size fits all. Each case and each client is unique. Choose the lawyer with the experience and the lawyer that understands your concerns and has a plan to help you.