Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the men who love their children more than anything else and are great parents, The role model that you are for your children and the life lessons you share with them cannot be learned anywhere else.

The legal system makes it hard and harder for Dad's who want to be the primary joint custodial parent or sole custodial parent unless there is an obvious problem with Mom. Dad's who go to work every day, support their family and then when divorce strikes are faced with the "stay at home" Mom syndrome who often wins by default. For a working Dad to have primary custody of his children if they are too young to state their preference is a unique occurrence. Children who are old enough to state the reasons why they prefer living with Dad will usually get that result unless there has been interference by the Father or manipulation of the child.

Dad's are often also faced with the double standard that they must pay child support, yet when they are the custodial parent they are told to waive child support in return for a waiver of spousal support. As much as judges will try to be impartial, gender neutral there is often discussion about "taking less" than the guidelines to settle the case.

There is still much work to be done forFather's Rights but it all begins and continues with their love of their children.