Do I Need A Lawyer In Family Court

It is just Family Court some people will say, why do I need a lawyer? Well if you know Family Court Procedure, if you have followed all of the rules, if the other side is absolutely 100% wrong and if you are articulate and logical, well maybe not. But for the rest of you, the answer is a big YES.

Family Court most often is used to obtain or modify child support, spousal support and to obtain an Order Of Protection. All of these events may affect you for years if for support; and, may get you arrested if you violate an Order of Protection. My approach with clients is not to scare them into hiring me but rather to explain to them that I can't do what they do (firemen, plumber, architect or truck driver) so why do they think they know how to do what I have studied and practiced for 35 years. I tell them that the last time I repaired things in my house I couldn't finish the work because of a lack of knowledge or skill not to mention time wasted as well.

So rather than get stuck with a child support order that is too high or low, an Order of Protection that could have been negotiated to a more favorable result, consider retaining an experienced matrimonial attorney to guide you and advise you. While like everything else it does cost money, the goal is to save you money or loss of your freedom.