Father's Rights

Fathers are suppose to have the same rights as Mothers, but yet they have a harder time obtaining custody and child support. Is justice truly blind?

The difficulties that Fathers face in protecting their rights has been written about extensively. Even though the law is suppose to be gender neutral, is it really? A Father who wants sole or residential custody of an infant child more often than not will have to show that the Mother is truly inappropriate and not able to properly raise the child. Evidence of drug use, alcoholism or clear neglect of the child will make the result easier to obtain. But even if the Mother does not have the judgment, skills and financial support that the Father has it is clearly an uphill battle for Dads.

When Fathers obtain residential or sole custody they are often hesitant to request child support. Again, when the situation is reversed, child support is always sought. Fathers raising children are equally entitled to support from working Moms. Nevertheless, I will see men who say I don't care about the support as long as I have custody.

It is essential that a Father seeking custody have an effective, strong and experienced matrimonial attorney. Our office has handled thousands of divorce cases, many of which have involved custody or parenting schedule disputes. Our experience in working with the attorney for the child (law guardian), reading forensic psychology reports and handling family law cases every day allows us to guide you through a difficult process.

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