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Divorce And The Holidays

As the holidays approach parents that are no longer living together and have just begun divorce proceedings often struggle to work out parenting time. The most important thing to consider is the ...
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Perils of Emails, Voice Messages, Texts & Online Posts

Remember that whatever you send digitally may show up in your divorce case. Every spouse is only too happy to bring to their lawyer's office the digital message that you sent saying they can have ...
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Analyzing Whether To Keep Your Home

Now, more than ever, deciding whether to keep, trade or sell the marital residence has become a major financial divorce decision. The days of viewing your home as money in the bank are long since ...
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Domestic Violence New Law Providing Address Confidentiality

Victims of Domestic Violence will soon be able to not only keep their address confidential but will also be permitted to designate the NY Secretary of State as the person authorized to receive legal ...
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College Selection & The SUNY Cap

Recently a NYC judge, over the father's objection, ordered him to pay 40% of private college expenses for his child. The father's share will cost approximately $21,200. Many parents who ...
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Why You Should Hire An Experienced Divorce Attorney

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney who devotes his practice to this one area of the law will help you obtain a better final result, with less expense and a faster resolution. Judges have ...
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Father's Rights

Fathers are suppose to have the same rights as Mothers, but yet they have a harder time obtaining custody and child support. Is justice truly blind? The difficulties that Fathers face in protecting ...
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Proving Income From A Cash Business

How do I prove how much my spouse earns from the cash business so that I get the proper amount of child support and spousal support ? When your spouse has a cash business, it is very important to ...
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Orders Of Protection Sword or Shield

Orders of Protection issued against a spouse can help protect a person from threats of physical violence, harassment and other actions that are defined as "family offenses". Generally, there ...
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Legal Separation vs. Divorce

The advantages and disadvantages of a divorce or a legal separation is a question that I frequently am asked by clients. The explanation is pretty simple. A legal separation exists when the married ...
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Affordable Divorce: What To Do

The key to a less expensive divorce is to try to resolve as many issues as possible with your spouse. If you both agree on joint custody and work out with which parent the children will live or the ...
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How Do I Get My Share Of The Pension

If your spouse earned a pension during the marriage, you are entitled to equitable distribution of the pension even if monthly payments have not started. Your lawyer will help you protect your share ...
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How Do I Get A Child Support Increase

Once child support is established by an agreement whether as part of a divorce or, if you were never married, as part of a Family Court Order on consent you must show a change in circumstances that ...
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What Financial Records Will My Lawyer Need

Once you hire your attorney you will be asked to complete a Statement of Net Worth. Your spouse's attorney will also request that his client prepare the same document. When both clients have ...
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